Somna – Satellites [ALBUM]


Canadian trance artist Somna continues his sonic exploration with the release of Satellites, his sophomore album on Black Hole Recordings.

It was over a decade ago that Somna first graced the trance scene. Since then, the Canadian DJ and producer has gifted those who love the genre with countless releases that have landed on labels ranging from FSOE and Black Hole Recordings to Coldharbour Recordings and Grotesque while also heading up AVA Recordings alongside Andy Moor. But in 2020, there was something new and exciting from Somna, his debut full-length album Beside You.



This album captivated his global fanbase, who yearned to see him tour, yet those plans were dashed due to the pandemic. Instead, Somna channeled his energy into the digital sphere, connecting with fans in a new way with live streams to stay connected with them. “Before … after .. sometimes even during a set, you could sense the reaction, albeit in a different fashion than I had become used to,” he shared. “While the actual nearness had been removed, that immediacy felt even more personal!”

Feeling that love, support and in-the-moment feedback from everyone made all the difference in dealing with the disappointment of not being about to tour ‘Beside You.’ ‘Satellites’ became the word my head adopted for that effect, as essentially, we all became ‘satellites’ of one another. Through the uncountable number of connections that were made, in a certain extraordinary manner, ‘further apart’ somehow became closer together!


With that notion in mind, Somna began to work on his sophomore album, Satellites. Now, the 15-track collection of tunes has become available for all who want to blast off and take a cosmic ride with this Canadian artist guiding the way, and it’s one that you’ll want to listen to from start to finish to feel the full impact of his sonic mastery.



The aptly titled “Begin Transmission” kicks off this starry, trance-fueled journey before its title track comes into play, with Sarah de Warren’s gorgeous vocals put fully on display over the melodic bass-fueled ride. This track sets the tone for some of the album’s stunning collaborations, bringing artists like Clara YatesSean Ryan and Michele C.Caitlin Potter, and Nash into the mix, all of which are emotional at their core.

Somna’s solo tunes on Satellites stand tall while also showcasing the dynamic range that he brings in his productions. He explores progressive soundscapes with sultry vocals on “Hours” and dives deeper into the subterranean techno realm with the booming sounds found on “The Woo,” while the album’s final track, “Apogee,” is an atmospheric ride to the heavens.

Listen to Satellites on Spotify or your preferred platform, and follow Somna on social media to stay in the know on his future releases and performances!

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