A collection of singles and remixes produced by Somna

[Released Singles]
Somna & LTN - Dreamcatcher [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Jennifer Rene - Stars Collide [Magik Muzik]
The Blizzard vs Somna - Pegmatite [A State Of Trance]
Andy Moor, Somna & BLU EYES - Up In Smoke [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Clara Yates - Never Feel Lost [AVA Recordings]
Somna - Infinite [Garuda Music]
Somna & HALIENE - Secret [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Sheridan Grout feat. Linney - Love Runs Out [Garuda Music]
Somna - Razor [Armind Recordings]
Somna & Sally Oh - Wish Upon [AVA Recordings]
Andy Moor & Somna feat. Monika Santucci - Free Fall [AVA Recordings]
Somna & BLU EYES - Drawn To You [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Jennifer Rene - Because You're Here (2018 Mix) [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Sheridan Grout feat. Mike Schmid - Love Hold On [Armada Captivating]
Andy Moor, Somna & Diana Leah - There Is Light [AVA Recordings]
Somna - Believer [Armada Captivating]
Somna, TheRio & Solen - Intercontinental [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Melissa Loretta - Brave [AVA Recordings]
Somna - Dreadnought [FSOE Excelsior]
Somna feat. Matthew Steeper - My Shelter [Armada Captivating]
Somna & Sarah Russell - Story Untold [Raz Nitzan Music]
Somna - Mystic [FSOE Excelsior]
Somna & Adara - Signals [AVA Recordings]
Andy Moor & Somna - Look Back [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Diana Leah - Fell For You [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Yang feat. James Darcy - Come Back Tonight [AVA Recordings]
Somna - Eon [Armada Captivating]
Somna & Jennifer Rene - Awakening [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Amy Kirkpatrick - Volcano [GO On Air Recordings]
Somna & Jennifer Rene - Back To Life [AVA Recordings]
Somna, Yang & Melynda - Believe In You [Raz Nitzan Music]
Johnny Yono, Monoverse & Somna - Hijackers [Lange Recordings 200th]
Somna & Yang feat. Michele C - Don't Wake Me [IHU Records / Armada Music]
Andy Moor & Somna feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - One Thing About You [AVA Recordings]
Somna feat. Michele C - Love Your Scars Away [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Jennifer Rene - Because You're Here [AVA Recordings]
Somna & Jennifer Rene - Hands [AVA Recordings]
Tenishia & Somna feat. Michele C - Show Me A New World [A State Of Trance / Armada Music]
Somna - The Discovery [Go On Air Recordings]
Somna vs Brad & Victor H - Breathe [Alter Ego Records]
Somna & Yang feat. Noire Lee - Not Afraid [AVA Recordings / Armada Music]
Somna & Yang feat. Michele C - Chasing Stars [Songbird / Black Hole Recordings]
Somna - Plug & Play [Southern State Music]
Somna vs Brad & Victor H - Flatline [Lange Recordings / Enhanced]
Somna & Amos - Riser [Tangled Audio / Alter Ego Records]
Somna & Kimberly Hale - Sunshine [Amsterdam Trance Records / Adrian Raz Recordings]
Somna, Yang & Kimberly Hale - Deeper [Amsterdam Trance Records / Adrian Raz Recordings]
Somna & Amos feat. SERI - The Life I Had Before [Songbird / Black Hole Recordings]
Somna feat. Ash Richards - Wherever You Go [Alter Ego Records]
Somna vs Brad & Victor H - Shoryuken [Lange Recordings / Enhanced]
Somna & Yang feat. Noire Lee - Till Oblivion [Amsterdam Trance Records / Adrian Raz Recordings]
Somna & Yang - Ghost Star [Alter Ego Recordings]
Somna feat. Emma Elizabeth - In Your Arms [Molekular Sounds / Adrian Raz Recordings]
Somna & Vijo Caselle feat. Sarah-Jane Neild - Without You [Songbird / Black Hole Recordings]
Somna & Vijo Caselle - Afterglow [Flux Delux / Discover]
Somna - Lost In Time [Abora Recordings]

[Released Remixes]
Markus Schulz & Soundland - 51°11′17″N 10°3′10″E (We Haven't Lost Our Way) (Somna Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]
Mully & Shvman feat. M3GA - Not Easy Love (Somna Remix) [Emengy Records]
Dave Neven & Ellie White - Try For Me (Somna Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]
Lange - Angel Falls (Somna Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Bodo Kaiser - Vimana (Somna Remix) [Tangled Audio]
Gerome & A.R.D.I. - A Place In Heaven (Somna Remix) [AVA Recordings]
Adara - Death Of A Star (Somna Remix) [Archipilego Ent.]
Andy Moor - Resurrection (Somna Remix) [AVA Recordings]
Allen & Envy and Andy Elliass feat. Natalie Gioia - In Love (Somna Remix) [Grotesque Music]
Lyonheart - Amelia (Somna Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Andy Moor feat. Betsie Larkin - Not Afraid (Somna Remix) [AVA Recordings]
Andy Moor - Fade To Light (Somna Remix) [AVA Recordings / Armada Music]
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (Shane Halcon & Somna Remix) [Perfecto / Armada Music]
AxelPolo & M.PRAVDA feat. Tom Tyler - It's Over (Somna Remix) [Shah Music] 
Stevy Forello - Fondly (Somna Remix) [Alter Ego Recordings]
Venom One & Mastro feat. Mosko - I Will Rise (Somna Remix) [Black Hole Remix]
Rafael Frost & Jennifer Rene - Higher (Somna Remix) [Adrian Raz Recordings]
Feel feat. Jan Johnston - Illuminate (Somna Remix) [Adrian Raz Recordings]
Menno De Jong feat. Noire Lee - Creatures Of The Night (Somna Remix) [In Trance We Trust]
Beat Service & Ana Criado - Whispers (Somna & Yang Remix) [Adrian Raz Recordings]
Spark 7 & Bec Peters - Pieces Broken (Somna Remix) [Alter Ego Recordings]
Dim & Rus - Dnepr (Somna Remix) [Alter Ego Records]
Matt Millon - Monsoon (Somna Remix) [Captured Music]
Casey Barnes & Mark Shine - Livin' Like A Love Song (Somna Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Hamel & Jeremus - Daybreak (Somna Remix) [Morrison Recordings]
Arkitech feat. Ash Richards - Drive (Somna Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Jimmy Chou - Sunday Rain (Somna Remix) [Komplex Sounds / XPM Recordings]


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