Dim & Rus – Dnepr (Somna Remix)


Belarusian newcomers Dim & Rus provide the vibrations for release 104 on Alter Ego Progressive with their very impressive double header Gomel & Dnepr!

The young production duo are certainly producing beyond their years with this finely crafted double A side, full of driving beats, warm sounds and plenty of melodic treats! Somna is on hand to give Dnepr a workout of his own!

Dnepr heads the pack and is the more emotive of the two with an abundance of power and unique flavour! Boasting a magical lead, powerful strings and beautiful lulling piano section that will work gracefully anywhere! Real melodies and real emotions captured within! A treat, don’t miss this one!

Gomel completes proceedings with its bright and upbeat tones, lots of positive energy, fantastic dreamy top lines, serene pianos and an insanely grooving bassline!

Somna hands in a sublime re-treatment of Dnepr with more attitude and venom for the dance floors!

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