Johnny Ono, Somna & Monoverse – Hijackers


With its reputation as one of the Trance scene’s leading labels, Lange Recordings has reached a milestone seldom seen in modern times – 200 releases, and to celebrate, six of this iconic label’s most prolific producers have combined in a two-track release showcasing exactly why Lange Recordings continues to innovate and surprise…

First up, Trance legend and label head-honcho Lange draws on the proven talents of Finnish genius Tempo Giusto and Scottish label A&R Stephen Kirkwood in the appropriately titled ‘Jackhammer’. Exploring the deeper, rolling Trance sound that these three producers have increasingly been championing of late, ‘Jackhammer’ merges the trio’s respective expertise with an intricate, pulsing melody chugging alongside flexing, chopped bass and twisted, effortlessly-layered FX. Beautifully complex and seamless – ‘Jackhammer’ pulls together these leading producer’s abilities in a tour-de-force of production wizardry.

As the second and final offering on this seminal release, three other leading lights from the Lange Recordings family combine, merging their collective ear for epic atmospherics, resonate melodies and hands-in-the-air euphoria. Label veteran Johnny Yono brings his renowned energy alongside fellow US Trance luminary Monoverse and the instantly recognisable sound of Canadian, Somna – a combination which sees the end product, ‘Hijackers’, smoothly bringing together these groundbreaking producer’s styles to result in a perfectly proportioned display of tech driven, grinding Trance with an epic lead melody.

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